The River City Ensemble

The Ensemble Singers is our auditioned choir open to skilled singers ages 18 and older. New Singers are always welcome. Contact us if you are interested in joining a choir.

The Ensemble Singers rehearse and perform from September thru April. Auditions for the Ensemble Singers are held yearly.

Interested singers must have previous singing experience and are able to proficiently read music. A vocal audition/interview is required for membership. Interviews will include various vocal exercises, sight reading and tonal and rhythmic memory.

RCC Ensemble Singers Auditions

Auditions are being held in the month of August.
To schedule an audition, please contact

The audition will last 10 mins and will include:
1. Vocal Range
2. Sight-singing
3. Tonal memory exercises
4. If you have a prepared song, please feel free to bring it. If not, we will sight read a familiar hymn, “My Country Tis of Thee”.

The RC Singers will be under the direction of Andrew Haase, Artistic Director.

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